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Usaquén is one of the districts of Bogotá, located at the northeastern tip. This is an old colonial population absorbed by the city in the 50s and still retains buildings from this period with a beautiful mix between modern and colonial architecture of its streets of a constantly transport us to another time, especially in some their farms.

Upper-class residential area, the life of the neighborhood Usaquén runs around the square of the same name. Today is a bohemian neighborhood where many antique shops, art galleries and restaurant, easily passable on foot. Sundays and holidays hosts a flea market street track that accentuates the taste bohemian.

In the seventeenth century, the territory now occupied by the town was protected from Usaquén Usaquén tribes, Tibabitá, Teusacá, Tuisaque and Sauque, who planted corn and root crops and trading in wood, precious metalwork, textiles and ceramics in the eighteenth century became in a parish where the Spaniards and their descendants began to live on large farms.

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